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The Famous Junk Food

Junk Food or Apple Kid in Hand

...fat but contain no vitamins, minerals, protein or fiber. Thus, junk foods are associated with disease conditions including obesity, heart disease, kidney disease, type 2 diabetes and dental caries. Kick junk foods out School and health officials, even concerned parents, hold health awareness programs and campaign for the banning of junk foods in school canteens. The revised implementing guidelines on the operation and management of school canteen... Read More »

Home Management for Heartburn

man having heartburn foods or pure like juices. Basically speaking, these are acids, and acids are tissue irritants. Once they are in contact with the gastric lining, it irritates the area, promoting secretion and over secretion of gastric acids. 3. Control the acids. There are various conservative ways on how to neutralize the acids in the stomach. There are also a lot of medically prepared medications to counter the potency of gastric acids. Conservative managem... Read More »

Breast Cancer Guidelines for Early Detection

Breast Cancer Guidelines

...conduct for screening, early detection by doing BSE breast self examination and avoiding risk factors. Among all the breast cancer guidelines, this is the best thing to be remembered. BSE or breast self examination is the easiest, cheapest way to detect breast abnormality that may lead to breast cancer. It should be done monthly even at home after menstruation. What must be observed? Palpable mass, change in shape and size of breast, discoloratio... Read More »

Personal Management of Migraine Headaches


...preventing it from becoming a full-blown attack. Caffeine causes vasoconstriction and this affects blood vessels in the brain. Over the counter tablets such as Excedrin contain acetaminophen and caffeine. These medications have this effect. Vitamins and Herbs Some vitamins and supplements such as Vitamin B-2 and Co-Enzyme Q10 help in management of migraines. Vitamin B-2 corrects tiny deficiencies in brain cells while co-enzyme q10 has been known... Read More »

First Aid Management of Drowning and Near Drowning

saving drown woman beach

...Submersion event can cause sudden deaths and care should be taken to prevent such. Parental vigilance should be increase at home to prevent drowning at home while trained pool guides and beach patrol should be made available for prompt rescue and resuscitation of near drowning patients. Emergency first aid management The patient should be immediately removed from the water and rescue breathing can be initiated while the patient is still in the... Read More »

Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia) First Aid Management

low blood sugar symptoms

...evel of 2.2mmol/L. It is not a disease entity but a biochemical abnormality whose importance is on its effect on the brain. The brain depends wholly on glucose as its source of nutrition and when the blood glucose level gets below a critical point, the metabolism and the functioning of the brain is impaired. Who are at risk of developing low blood sugar? Anybody irrespective of the age and sex can develop low blood sugar but certain individuals h... Read More »

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