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Common Illnesses in the Philippines


If you would ask commoners or passers-by about the common illnesses in the Philippines, they would most likely give you the following answers: muscle pains, high blood pressure or hypertension, stroke, colon cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and lung cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB), pneumonia, asthma, diabetes, kidney failure, cough, ulcers, hepatitis A and B, liver cirrhosis, influenza or flu and dengue fever. Although these are... Read More »

Sun Life Insurance in the Philippines


Aside from PhilHealth, SSS, GSIS and Pag-Ibig, there are a vast selection of insurance providers in the Philippines. One such which offers a wide selection of Life Insurance Plans, Accidental Insurance, Educational Plans, Pension Plans and Mutual Funds is the Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc. Let us get to know this company that pioneered life insurance in the Philippines and its products in a nutshell. Company Overview   Type: Financial Ser... Read More »

Antibiotic Resistance in Southeast Asia and the Philippines


...GI upset, blood poisoning and brain infection. With this and many other reports, scientists are now looking into the role played by antibiotics as growth promoters in livestock in the growing drug resistance problem of the world. Countries of the Southeast Asian region are Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, East Timor, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Brunei, Bangsamoro Republik and the Philippines. Antibiotic Resistance in the Philippine... Read More »

The New Anti-rabies Law in the Philippines


The new anti-rabies law in the Philippines is not necessarily new. It was signed into law on May 25, 2007 by then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to control and prevent the spread of rabies and lead to its eventual eradication in the country. In spite of its importance however, many pet owners and other concerned citizens are still unaware of the important provisions of Republic Act 9482. In 2007, 287 deaths from rabies was recorded in the Phi... Read More »

Common Tropical Diseases in the Philippines


...e, the fact remains – that many kinds of diseases are plaguing mankind in every corner of the world. And some of them are as unpredictable as death itself. But, like weather, clothes, food and other activities, the (prevalence) occurrence of diseases vary from nation to nation, locality to locality, depending on several factors: location in the globe, climate in that particular latitude, lifestyle of nation’s people and many other factors. The Ph... Read More »

Herbal Plants in the Philippines

herbal plants philippines

...medicine in the form of herbal plants. While it is true that healing with herbs dates back to time immemorial in the history of perhaps all cultures in the world, many have forgotten their natural abilities in the sea of modern healing choices until recently when the lowly flora is again being rediscovered for its innate wonders. In the history of traditional healing in the Philippines, heated, cooked, crushed or raw herbs were used by so-called... Read More »

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