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The Rice to the Filipinos: On knowing and choosing your rice well


Rice has been a staple food of the Filipinos for as long as anyone can possibly remember. Being an agricultural country, endowed with vast lands and rich soil for planting crops, the Philippines mass produces rice for local as well as international consumption. It is common knowledge that there are many types of “rice” grown and harvested in the fields. But, we don’t really dig deeper to learn them one by one. We simply dig in them to sa... Read More »

Philippines recalls for Korean ‘cancerous’ noodles

korean noodles cancerous for recall PH

...EcoWaste Coalition’s Project Protect. China, Taiwan and Vietnam have all reportedly had similar recalls of the same brands of  Korean noodles over similar health fears. Image Credit (1) Incoming search terms: greenprescription net top 10 morbidity rate in the philippines 2012 top 10 causes of morbidity in the philippines 2012 top 10 mortality rate in the philippines 2012 10 leading causes of morbidity in the philippines 2012 shrub... Read More »

Health Warning – Poison found in a bottle of Coke

coke poison

...h, household cleaners, and other chemicals. Sadly some toddlers are not as lucky as Rita’s brother. According to the University of the Philippines-National Poison Management and Poison Control Center (UP-NPMPCC), 99 cases of silver cleaner poisoning were recorded between January and April of 2009. In these cases, 6 people under 18 years of age succumbed to death. It was also noted in the report of UP-NPMPCC that Silver Polish is the third most co... Read More »

Top Cancers among Filipinos


...cally fit people are often confident and able to cope well with stress, another factor linked to cancer. I began the article in the tone of hope to raise spirits to fight the deadly disease that kills dozens of Filipinos every day. Read on and contemplate on the top cancers among Filipinos, their incidence, mortality and most of all prevention. Breast Cancer             The Philippines is now reported to have the highest incidence of breast cance... Read More »

The Healthiest Season for Filipinos


Filipinos are known for being food lovers. They are fond of experimenting in the kitchen, which brought varieties of dishes in our tables. Each ethnic group have their own delicacy to be proud of. The Kapampangans are the most familiar costumer in the kitchen spotlight. It has been part of their genes to have a handful skill in cooking and sensitive tongue for taste. The Philippines is one of the busiest countries in the world as holidays are co... Read More »

All About Gonorrhea


...jectable forms of drugs. Neisseria Gonorrhea today. Gonorrhea today is a serious global health problem. In fact, the recent scare comes from the possibility that the 2nd most common STI in the world could soon become incurable due to the high incidence of antibiotic resistance seen in modern strains of N. Gonorrhea. In 2008, 128 million cases of STIs have arisen in the Westerm Pacific Region where the Philippines belong. Take note. If you say YES... Read More »

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