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Tips for Healthy Eating

Filipino Foods in the phiippines to lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus and Cancer. Though we love eating, we must not forget to eat healthy and we must learn some tips for healthy eating. 1. Try keeping a food journal If you have time, keeping a food journal could be a good start to keep track of the foods that you have eaten for the day. For busy people, keeping a NOT TO EAT food list could also help. This can give you a preview of what types of foods that you sho... Read More »

Healthy Tips to Avoid Developing Cancer


...ssels which drains the site of the cancer. Cancer cells prey on its host for the competing with the normal cells of the body for nutrient and space causing death of normal cells or crowding of the normal cells as seen in cancer of the bone marrow. These cells are highly autonomous with improved blood supply to them and the cancer may flourish in a patient who is wasting away.   Tips to Reduce Your Risk Cancer as a disease to a greater extent... Read More »

Living Healthy with Green Smoothies – A Tip for Your Health

greensmoothies fruits

...macular degeneration and folate to guard against heart disease and cancer, low in sodium and thus prevents onset of hypertension, it makes you beautiful or handsome and also providing you with complex sugar of low glycemic index packed with amino acid. Green smoothies are rich in protein and amino acids derived from proteins which is vital to life  as it is used as the chief building block for basically all cells and tissues in the body. Hormones... Read More »

8 Tips to Eliminate Body Odor

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...necessary, bring extra change of clothing, which you can use when you perspire. Don’t allow sweat to dry in your body. Please bear in mind that body odor can turn off almost everybody. Make sure to follow these 8 tips so that you can function properly at school or at work. Be confident! Image credits: (1) Incoming search terms: calamansi for body odor body tips in hindi CAN CALAMANSI REMOVE BODY ODOR body fitness tips in hindi jim tips in hindi... Read More »

Healthy Tips -The Value of water and Exercise

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The value of water                                                                                               Water is said to be the most vital nutrient in the body. Medical scientist said that water makes up about 60% of the total body weight. The National Research Council recommends approximately 8 to 10 glasses per day should be taken by women while 10 to 12 glasses of water per day is advisable for men.   Functions of water in the b... Read More »

10 Health Tips to Preserve and Prolong Life

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...medical advances, do humans become healthier? Or we didn’t grasp the opportunity that technologies freely offer to improve our well-being? I challenge every body to act as soon as possible before its too late! Image credits: (1) Incoming search terms: tips for good health in hindi health poem in hindi poem on air in hindi Mind fresh tips in hindi poem in hindi on health poem in hindi on water is life how to make good health in hindi hindi... Read More »

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