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Healthy Tips for Good Exercise Programme

good exercise programs

A good exercise programme is beneficial to the human body and every adult should engage in body fitness/ body building activities. The risk of developing obesity, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, diabetes mellitus and kidney disease is much higher in individuals who live a sedentary life style. Beside the enormous health benefits of exercise, a proper exercise programme keeps the body in shape, improves fitness, and improves al... Read More »

Tips for Healthy Eating

Filipino Foods in the phiippines

We Filipinos are known to have good appetites. We have a number of delicacies that we can be proud of and we can always take pride on how other race and foreigners love our food. We have our famous Adobo, Sinigang, Pinakbet, Laing and a lot more. But, this is also the main reason why we are so prone to lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus and Cancer. Though we love eating, we must not forget to eat healthy and we must learn some tips fo... Read More »

Healthy Tips to Avoid Developing Cancer


...ssels which drains the site of the cancer. Cancer cells prey on its host for the competing with the normal cells of the body for nutrient and space causing death of normal cells or crowding of the normal cells as seen in cancer of the bone marrow. These cells are highly autonomous with improved blood supply to them and the cancer may flourish in a patient who is wasting away.   Tips to Reduce Your Risk Cancer as a disease to a greater extent... Read More »

Living Healthy with Green Smoothies – A Tip for Your Health

greensmoothies fruits

Are you having great trouble staying lean? Are you looking for that blend that is easy to prepare within minutes? Though easy to prepare, it provides you with all the nutrients needed to keep you going. In today’s world, more money is spent on ‘fast food’, sugar rich carbonated soda, food rich in polysaturated fats which affect the human body adversely leading to the surge in heart conditions like coronary artery arthrosclerosis and heart attack... Read More »

8 Tips to Eliminate Body Odor

man with body odor

...the tendency to smell when soaked with sweat. Avoid theses as much as possible. If necessary, bring extra change of clothing, which you can use when you perspire. Don’t allow sweat to dry in your body. Please bear in mind that body odor can turn off almost everybody. Make sure to follow these 8 tips so that you can function properly at school or at work. Be confident! Image credits: (1) Incoming search terms: weakness in body in hindi calamansi... Read More »

Healthy Tips -The Value of water and Exercise

water and exercise

...rcise programme is to choose that which you enjoy. (Walk, run, hike or bike, aerobic or weight training) Walk it off Learn to love walking. Walking is a great and easy way to burn kilojoules and to improve your health. Incorporate walking into your daily activity, especially after a meal. Image credits: (1) Incoming search terms: morning walk tips in hindi benefit of morning walk for asthma in hindi poem on natures bueaty in hindi from 14 to 16 l... Read More »

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