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Antibiotic Resistance in Southeast Asia and the Philippines


“The truth is, like humans, pathogens too adapt to survive. In the process, they evolve in forms that existing drugs can no longer beat them.” Multi-drug resistant pathogens are now found in every region of the world. No thanks to heavy drug (antibiotic) misuse. World Health Organization (WHO) officially pronounced multi-drug resistance as a serious threat to public health in its first global report on antibiotic resistance last April 30... Read More »

The Filipino Culture on Health


In the Library Health News page of the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development, one of Dr. Willie Ong’s June 2013 article quotes the Philippine Health Secretary Enrique Ona when he held that better health can be achieved with a change in the Filipino mindset. In the same article, the health secretary emphasized individual responsibility in health. That is, every person should prepare and plan for his or her health in the long run... Read More »

MERS-CoV Update in the Philippines and Abroad


...rt, 572 human cases, including 173 deaths from the dreaded disease around the world have so far been reported to the international health organization. While the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) claims Philippines to be MERS-CoV-free to date, at least 3 more Filipinos have died in the Middle East since its recent outbreak. To tighten security measures, the Philippine Overseas Employment Association (POEA), headed by Administrator Hans Leo Ca... Read More »

Health Today Philippines

philippines-health-today Incoming search terms: top 10 leading causes of morbidity in the philippines 2014 top 10 morbidity and mortality in the philippines 2014 top 10 causes of mortality in philippines as of 2013 what is priad leading cause of morbidity in the philippines 2014 leading cause of morbidity in philippines 2013 top 10 mortality in the philippines... Read More »

Health Plan 101 – How to Choose for the Right Health Plan?


...ths. Ensuring our health is never a tiring responsibility to take. Nor, we should never take it for granted. Our health is always our top most priority which is why it is very important to include health plans in our list. Image credit: (1) Sources: Incoming search terms: common diseases in the philippines Top 10 Diseases in the Philippines hindi poem for health important of food hindi poems on importance of... Read More »

Common Illnesses in the Philippines


...erculosis (PTB), pneumonia, asthma, diabetes, kidney failure, cough, ulcers, hepatitis A and B, liver cirrhosis, influenza or flu and dengue fever. Although these are also common illnesses worldwide , many of these are common illnesses in the Philippines attributed by Filipino’s lifestyle. What  are those ? Lack of Exercise. Filipinos are hardworking people but still they lack exercise. Many Pinoys consider household chores as a form of exerc... Read More »

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