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Health Warning – Poison found in a bottle of Coke

coke poison

...g=AFQjCNGW9ty3TX5HSGApjAnEfBhs-_hXQg&sig2=1N36MloFqtrIAY0io_pQQQ&bvm=bv.45645796,d.aGc> University of the Philippines – Poison Center. Home page. Web. Accessed 27 April 2013. <> Incoming search terms: foodborne illness philippines foodborne illness in the philippines new hairstyle for women 2013 philippines filipino hairstyles for women 2013 silver cleaner poisoning top 10 diseases... Read More »

Diarrhea in Children – First Aid Treatment

children with diarrhea

Till date, diarrheal disease remains one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in children worldwide and its impact is seen greatly in the tropics and less developed nations of the world. Acute diarrhea disease can cause death in less than 24 hours from it onset and such deaths result from severe dehydration which leads to hypovolaemia (reduction in the effective fluid volume in the body) and metabolic acidosis and other electrolyte d... Read More »

Rats Squeak Leptospirosis

Flood in UST Sampaloc Incoming search terms: leading cause of morbidity in the philippines 2013 top 10 morbidity in the philippines 2012 top 10 morbidity and mortality in the philippines 2013 top ten morbidity in the philippines 2013 mortality and morbidity in the philippines 2013 the mortality and morbidity of philippines 2013 to leading cause of morbidity in the philippines 2013 top 10 disease... Read More »

Top Cancers among Filipinos


...cally fit people are often confident and able to cope well with stress, another factor linked to cancer. I began the article in the tone of hope to raise spirits to fight the deadly disease that kills dozens of Filipinos every day. Read on and contemplate on the top cancers among Filipinos, their incidence, mortality and most of all prevention. Breast Cancer             The Philippines is now reported to have the highest incidence of breast cance... Read More »

All About Gonorrhea


...onorrhea date back as far as the 1300s. Caused by bacteria, Neisseria Gonorrhea that grow on warm moist areas of the body, the disease is typically passed on via direct contact between infectious mucous membranes of the mouth, eyes, genitals and anus. Even the fingers can transfer the bacteria from an infected mucous membrane to another. Following transfer of the organism from an infected person, the incubation period is from 2 – 10 days. Males t... Read More »

Filipino Cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome – Corona Virus (MERS-CoV)

MERS-CoV-case-filipino                              He and his immediate family were right away quarantined upon arrival. The Department of Health (DOH) is also looking into the man’s possible contacts. Passengers in his flight to the Philippines are being tested as Philippine Health Secretary Enrique T. Ona said the man is a “carrier”. The nurse is also known to have had contact with the Filipino Paramedic who died April 10 of the same virus in UAE. Prec... Read More »

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