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Search Results for: top 10 morbidity disease in the philippines 2013

Michael J. Fox, Robin Williams and Parkinson’s Disease


I remember reading a journal on international health about the shifting trend of diseases from the time when antibiotics weren’t a commonplace to the present when there’s cure for most diseases. It said there that people now have longer life expectancy compared before. It’s a happy thought. Reaching 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s is an accomplishment in itself. It means more time to see and do things; more time for self and family; more time for enj... Read More »

Antibiotic Resistance in Southeast Asia and the Philippines


...TB among the estimated 98 million population of the Philippines have XDR or extensively drug resistant forms of the disease, an even greater worry than MDR. MDR TB means resistance to Rifampicin and Isoniazid while XDR TB means resistance to both of these potent anti-TB drugs, any fluoroquinolone and another injectable second-line drug. The Philippines belongs to the 22 burden countries for MDR-TB, nations where there are at least 10% of new TB c... Read More »

Common Tropical Diseases in the Philippines


...t preventable. The role of every individual is to be aware of their nature in order to prevent and combat them. The government as well as the health workers alone cannot combat these diseases without the aid of the people. References: Reyala, J.P., Nisce, Z.P. et al. Community Health Nursing Services in the Philippines. 9th Edition. 2000. Philippines Incoming search terms: top 10 di... Read More »

Common Illnesses in the Philippines


...acquaintances, many pinoys share in one glass or cup. They consider it a proof of brotherhood. Also, many Filipinos love to eat in carinderias by the street without even sanitary permits. They love street foods with sweet and spicy sauces put in one large container for all to dip their kikiams and fish balls. For these reasons, Hepatitis A, other forms of Liver Disease, Typhoid Fever and other diarrheal diseases are common illnesses in the Phili... Read More »

Ebola Virus Latest News in the Philippines


Ebola Virus, one of the deadliest virus known to mankind could possibly reach the Philippines. However, as of now, Philippines is still Ebola Virus-Free, Department of Health says. image In latest news, no Filipino has died of Ebola Virus. Some of the 15 overseas Filipino workers who returned from Sierra Leone, one of the 4 West African countries with Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) have initially showed symptoms but 10 have been t... Read More »

MERS-CoV Update in the Philippines and Abroad


...oms of MERS-CoV means that the suspected carrier has not acquired the disease. On the other hand, WHO says that the duration of infectivity of the disease remains unknown. Symptoms of MERS-CoV include fever, diarrhea and cough that may or may not lead to pneumonia and kidney failure. MERS-CoV remains without a vaccine yet. References: Read More »

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