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Home Remedy for Boils

Home treatment boils a weak immune system, having such, accompanied by fever and swollen lymph nodes, can present a bigger problem and must be taken cared of immediately. On some simple boils though, it would be so easy to manage and can be handled at home. Neck, armpit, buttocks, face, thigh, groins, are the usual parts of the body where boils could appear. It could be mistaken as a pimple on the first day but can turn into a big swollen, reddish, painful, circle... Read More »

First Aid for Allergic Reactions


...usually given for pollen allergies. Food Allergies – oral anti-histamines and injectable epinephrine is the cure to reverse this (injectables should be given in the ER or by a trained person as this drug may cause reactions to persons with heart problems) If the reaction is severe, ensure the patency of the airway and adequacy of breathing as severe reactions can cause swelling and closure of the airway. Then, take steps to prevent shock by... Read More »

Nature’s Way of Healing

Natures way of healing

...assistance coming from the nature. The wonderful thing about natural remedy is, it doesn’t have bad side effect to the body. Daily intake of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, herbal supplements and a regular exercise can prevent the occurrence of various diseases in the future. Choosing on what kind of medication to cure a disease will always depend on one’s preferences provided that he or she will be responsible for the outcome. Also one must o... Read More »

Ginger Natural Treatment

Ginger Natural treatment

...pungent taste alone can speak on its own that it has medicinal value. In the past, like the Philippines, it has been used with natural sweeteners and flavorings to make salabat, a hot juice used for sore throat and cough. A sip of salabat has been proven effective, making it available in every Filipino home.             Aside from this juice, ginger natural treatment continues to amaze the world for it brings both relief and prevention of some d... Read More »

Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia) First Aid Management

low blood sugar symptoms

...sweating, headaches, lightheadedness, anxiety, dizziness, visual disturbance, seizures and it may even progress to loss of consciousness. The symptoms are due to changes in the brain and also due to an increase in the amount of adrenaline produced by the body. Adrenaline is the neurotransmitter produced during fear, fight and flight. Emergency treatment of low blood sugar Low blood sugar should be treatment once a clinical suspicion is made to p... Read More »

What You Need to Know about Athlete’s Foot


...prone for moisture, specifically area between the toes. It is highly communicable; therefore transfer from host to host is highly receptive. So don’t intentionally share your shoes, socks, towels or any clothing apparel to prevent the transmission of the infection. Subsequently, don’t borrow items from people to keep the barrier sealed. Cotton clothing are good because they absorb moisture. Things like vinegar, your shampoo, and vapour rubs are... Read More »

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